Wheel Immobilizer

19 Aug

wheel immobilizerOne great option for vehicle security and anti-theft devices is a wheel immobilizer. The most common form of wheel immobilizer comes in a wheel boot. No doubt you have seen this sort of device if you life in a city. Often parking attendants will use these on cars that are parked illegally. The car owner must pay a fine before the wheel immobilizer boot can be removed.

There are several different styles and version of a wheel immobilizer and many of them are actually pretty easy to remove. More and more often people are using these car immobilizer systems as anti-theft devices on their cars. As thieves get craftier these boots are not as effective as they once were.

With so many choices for an anti-theft device for your vehicle how do you know if you pick one that is actually going to protect your car from being stolen? Many wheel immobilizers can be forced off with enough force. They can also be removed using extreme temperatures. Some of them can even be cut off or sawed off. These are not effective anti-theft wheel immobilizers.

wheel immobilzer redIf you are thinking that you want to get a wheel immobilizer boot for your car you need to keep all of these things in mind. Many of the products available are not all they are cracked up to be. By looking at all the options and really shopping around you are sure to find a wheel immobilizer that actually does what you need it to, keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

There are many companies selling wheel immobilizer boots. Make sure you choose the right one. Companies like Alpha Lock are proven to withstand all the tricks that thieves will try. They are highly rated by consumer groups and are a leader in their industry. They come highly recommended by many different law enforcement agencies that use a wheel immobilizer for parking enforcement.


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